marketing expert


my mission

help the companies
find the clients

we will figure out what primary changes need to be made in the marketing of your business. we’ll identify potential opportunities and achieve the results “here and now”
communicate with the stakeholders
find the gap between the expectations and the reality
achieve definite results
work out the plan for further actions
we will carefully study the state of your marketing at the moment. We will develop a plan to achieve ambitious goals and will strive for the result systematically.
analyze the current situation
form the vision of a new future
develop a plan to achieve the goals
build a strong team
implement the changes systematically
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first professional anniversary:
10 years in the sphere of marketing in 2020
freelance projects for LG,
Carte Blanche, “Ekipazh-service”
the path from entry-level job to managerial position in the advertising network httpool
together with my partners,
I create the Soda digital agency
the business grows to the system level,
transforming into SODA Digital Advertising Group
I’m leaving my company to join the Deloitte Garage as the innovation marketin expert
as the Deloitte marketing expert, I help create the meaningful influence.
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creation of new products

or alteration of existing products in order to achieve the set goals

building strong teams

selection and engagement of the necessary participants

finding unconventional solutions

the “helicopter view” of your business in order to implement quick wins

structuring and building the processes

laying out a solid foundation for the marketing function in business

what exactly
can we do to
find the clients
for your business:

surveys and in-depths interviews with the stakeholders
quantity and quality research of the target audience to understand the current needs of the clients
work with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and other traffic sources
help the clients get to know your business and love your product
marketing via social networks and messengers (SMM)
we will make the communication with your clients quick and understandable via means they find comfortable for communication with your business
implementation of the analytical systems: Google Analytics and call-tracking
for full understanding which solutions are profitable and which are non-profitable
development of Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
we will comprehend, form and bring to the clients the uniqueness of your product
analysis and description of the business processes
we will build the system to make the marketing function efficient in the long run
building the canvas of the business model
we will see how each part of your business functions, find the weak elements and work them out
development of video and graphic content
we will help your business become attractive and interesting for the clients
implementation of the staff training system
we will help your people to be efficient and get adapted to the new rules of the game
development of websites and mobile applications
we will simply and cost-consciously develop web-instruments for solving specific problems